There are many opportunities for involvement such as:

  • Performer/Artist/Speaker(Ambient-Interactive or from Stage)
  • Exhibitor/Entrepreneur
  • Educator/Scientist
  • Set up/Breakdown
  • Opening/Closing Ceremony
  • Activities Assistant (Art, Mask & Sign making, Bucket Brigade, Drummer, Dancer, Singer)
  • Event Capture:  Video, Photo
  • Event Guide (Earth Passports Coordinators for Direction Passport Stations/Tents – N, E, S, W)
  • Advocacy
  • Indigenous Culture
  • Logistics assist:   Check in, Welcome, Volunteers, Monitors, First Aid, Water Wagon, Recycling, Backstage
  • Technology Assist:  Live streaming, SM, Connectivity, Radio/Event communication
  • Other….. 

Help us reach our goal!

Please consider a donation to our GoFundMe campaign.

Hardin Minor and OMIMEO Mime Theatre need your support to successfully produce Charlotte Earth Day, a unique, free community event, on Sat. April 23, 2022, at First Ward Park in Charlotte, NC. 

Your support will help us pay for the video capture of this one-of-a-kind event so that we can produce a documentary to be used in applications for future grants and to help us spread the word. Any amount is greatly appreciated!

Come join us for this event! Each participating child will receive an EARTH PASSPORT that will guide their learning experience to expand their awareness of the ecosystems’ interconnectivity and encourage good stewardship. 
On behalf of the entire Charlotte Earth Day Team, thank you for your donation to help us reach our goal of $10,000.00.