To ALL of you who participated in the resounding success of Charlotte Earth Day 2022…many, many THANKS!!

Your support was essential. You were professional, flexible, creative and joyful. You made the difference!

Keep watch here as we will be posting photos and videos of the CED Experience.

Click here to watch a video and read the article by WCNC

Thank You to Our 2023 Festival Sponsors!


ALL Together NOW!!

On behalf of the OMIMEO Mime Theatre and all of our Sponsors,
Volunteers, Performers & Exhibitors, welcome to the CHARLOTTE
EARTH DAY Family learning celebration.

Today we say, “YES to the Good!” as we recognize and celebrate
the Beauty & Diversity of the ecosystems that sustain all Life
on Earth. Our Theme is “Interconnectivity” and our Mission is
“Environmental Awareness”. We believe that a Great Awakening is
happening in the hearts and minds of Earth Citizens the World over.
Sparked by the vibrant passion and sense of shared responsibility
demonstrated by our powerful Global Youth Leadership, veteran
activists everywhere have been renewed in our determination and

Today’s event is specifically not political or religious but you may
experience the Great Spirit move among us and we hope you will
become more aware of our shared responsibility to mitigate the Climate
Crisis. We urge you and your family to join in the “information
treasure hunt” as you use your Earth Passport to “Learn the Earth”
at each of our Four Knowledge Stations. All of our volunteers want
to help guide your children as they engage in ‘experiential research’
and answers to the questions that are sure to arise.

But this engagement shouldn’t end when you leave our beautiful
First Ward Park after our closing grand finale parade.

We want today’s celebration to be a new beginning for each of us
to renew our dedication to making our World a healthier place for
the succeeding generations. It is up to all of us individually and
collectively as concerned citizens of the Earth. This is our chance.
We must make it our choice. Informed by Science, inspired by our
Youth Leaders, enchanted by this magnificent spaceship Earth…for
‘all creatures’ great and small’, we must unite to build our hopes,
dreams and visions into a sustainable reality. That’s why we have
chosen as our motto “ALL Together Now!!