Become an Earth Kid


I promise to respect and care for our Earth and all of her inhabitants. 

Here are just a few activities you can do and share with friends:

  • My efforts start at home and I will remind my friends to do the same
  • Save H2o
  • Turn off lights
  • Recycle/re-purpose
  • Ride my bike or Walk
  • Plant trees
  • Plant a garden
  • Food choices (Plant based, Meat, Read food labels)
  • Compost
  • Kill ‘Vampire’ appliance use
  • Pick up trash you see anywhere

Join with the Paperhand Puppets in our opening parade!

Listen to music!

Visit Our Knowledge Stations and get your passport stamped!

NORTH Knowledge Station
Activities related to WATER / Hydrological Cycle/ Rivers/ Oceans

Related Exhibitors: Catawba River Keepers; Charlotte Water Truck

EAST Knowledge Station
Activities centered around innovation & renewable energy technologies (solar, wind) with displays of why fossil fuels are dirty, how CO2 emissions create climate change, etc.)

SOUTH Knowledge Station
Activities related to sustainable Agriculture & Gardening, Composting, Bees, Butterflies & Backyard Habitat

WEST Knowledge Station
Activities centered around BIODIVERSITY Fauna / Animals/ Endangered Species

Freedom Knowledge Station
Youth Leadership emphasis; on display the Five Freedoms of the First Amendment: Speech, Press, Assembly, Petition, Religion (Beliefs & Thoughts)

Victoria Yards Knowledge Station
Charlotte Drive Electric Earth Day vehicles