Earth Day Schedule

9:30 -10:00 Drumming Circle around Center Earth
9:55 Satya with silks
10:00 MC welcomes everyone; Proclaims Opening Ceremony Intros Ramona
10:05 Ramona Big Eagle Naming of Tribes & Lands
Great Thanksgiving
10:15 Green Gospel Choir/(“We are the Earth”)
10:20 Recognition of the Women of Environmental Vision
Special Tribute to Honor Anne Springs Close
10:30 Green Gospel Choir/2nd Song (“This Land is Your Land”)
10:40 Movement Mavericks Step Team
10:50 Hardin Hat Routine
11:00 Satya
11:15 Housekeeping, Earth Passports, Orientation, Food Trucks
11:30-1:00 Stage Music Playlist.  Climate Reality Project Presentation
1:00 All Call to return to stage; Set UP Direct Bucket Brigade; Drumming
1:30 The Lorax CTC
1:45 GSP Polar Bears
2:00 Dylan Underwood/Beatles Interactive Singalong
2:15 SHOUT Band Stage performance; Out into audience
Parade around Earth with Shout Band
2:30 Dance Party