How much are tickets? 
This is a community wide free to the public event.

Can I buy bottled water? 
We hope that everyone will bring a refillable water bottle that can be filled free with fresh clean water from the Charlotte Water Wagon.

What is the “Earth Manual”?
Upon arriving every family will receive a 16 page booklet that guides the participant around the event to engage in the activities provided at each of 4 Knowledge Stations (N,E,S,W) Families can work together to learn about the ecosystems that sustain Life on Earth.

What are the Knowledge Stations?

NORTH Knowledge Station
Activities related to WATER / Hydrological Cycle/ Rivers/ Oceans

Related Exhibitors: Charlotte Water Truck, Charlotte Water

EAST Knowledge Station
Activities centered around innovation & renewable energy technologies (solar, wind) with displays of why fossil fuels are dirty, how CO2 emissions create climate change, etc.)

SOUTH Knowledge Station
Activities related to sustainable Agriculture & Gardening, Composting, Bees, Butterflies & Backyard Habitat

WEST Knowledge Station
Activities centered around BIODIVERSITY Fauna / Animals/ Endangered Species

Why is this Event happening? 
This is a chance for Families to explore the many different perspectives and players of our global environmental movement as we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the original Earth Day April 22, 1970.  This is not a political or religious event but rather a chance to explore Science, Indigenous Cultures and the Elements while we recognize the courage of our Youth Environmental Leaders.

Do I have to participate in the organized activities? 
No, but you’ll have more fun if you do!! Any child that gets their Earth Manual stamped at every Knowledge Station will receive a special Earth Button for participating.

What ages is this event meant to entertain and engage? 
5 to 15 years old

How long should I plan to stay? 
Hours of event 10:00am-3:00pm Stay as long as you like. Rain or shine, plan to enjoy the amenities of First Ward Park plus Food Trucks, Exhibitors, stage performances, Photo Ops with roving entertainers. (Note: the water feature Sprayground will NOT be operating.)

What is the best way to get to the First Ward Park? 
The BLUE LINE Light Rail (for more info go to CATS