Charlotte Earth Day 2022
April 15, 2023
First Ward Park at 301 E. 7th St Charlotte

Volunteer as an Earth Crew Member!

We need VOLUNTEERS at each of our (5) KNOWLEDGE STATIONS that correspond to the Four Cardinal Directions (N,E.S,W) plus our HEART STATION at the Youth Leadership Tent. All event children will circulate around the park and visit each STATION to find out new information and receive a stamp from each STATION to help complete their EARTH PASSPORT. As a STATION VOLUNTEER you would act as a GUIDE and simply engage any “EARTH KID” in conversation about that KNOWLEDGE STATION.

Check the Key below. If you have an interest in for example, Backyard Habitat, you could choose “SOUTH” STATION where participating kids come to learn about all things Green & Growing, Bees, Composting & Gardening. Or if your passion is Animals, you would volunteer at “WEST” Station where our Earth Kids visit to learn more about creatures of land, sea and air using the World Wildlife Fact Files.

Activities at each STATION are intended to be conversational engagement. This is not a series of tests about how much the child knows but rather a portal where the child can explore what they know a bit more deeply.

At each STATION there will be an associated word that the children will be looking to find, for example: “SUSTAINABILITY”, “ECOSYSTEM”, “RENEWABLE”, “INTERCONNECTIVITY”. These concepts will be natural conversation starters.


NORTH Knowledge Station
Activities related to WATER / Hydrological Cycle/ Rivers/ Oceans
Related Exhibitors: Catawba River Keepers; Charlotte Water Truck

EAST Knowledge Station
Activities centered around innovation & renewable energy technologies (solar, wind) with displays of why fossil fuels are dirty, how CO2 emissions create climate change, etc.)

SOUTH Knowledge Station
Activities related to sustainable Agriculture & Gardening, Composting, Bees, Butterflies & Backyard Habitat

WEST Knowledge Station
Activities centered around BIODIVERSITY Fauna / Animals/ Endangered Species

YOUTH Knowledge Station
Youth Leadership emphasis; on display the Five Freedoms of the First Amendment: Speech, Press, Assembly, Petition, Religion (Beliefs & Thoughts)